Saturday, February 16, 2008

Audiosurf Review

Audiosurf is a music based puzzle racer, it's made by 'BestGameEver' who are a Independent gaming studio. The game is available on Steam and costs 10 USD it also includes "The Official Orange Box Soundtrack" which costs 10 USD if you would buy it separately, so that's a steal itself.

The big feature of Audiosurf is that you can choose your own music and "ride" it, that's right you can just pick your favourite song on your PC and just ride on the music. Audiosurf is a music based puzzle racer, you play as a space ship who is on an on-rails road, your goal is to stop blocks and make combinations with the same kind of blocks. The cool thing is that the whole game is based of a song you pick, so if you pick some rock song the game is very fast paced and you need to react very fast but if it's a relaxing jazz song the game is very casual and slow. There are different ships and difficulty settings, these settings will alter the way the game is played:

  • Casual Difficultly
    • Mono - There only 2 block types, coloured and grey, dodge the grays and get the colours to win.
    • Pointman - There 5 different colours you use, you need to combine the same colours to earn points, you can also catch block so you can use them later
    • Double Vision - You can play with a friend, the field is split, but you can still combine blocks together.
  • Pro Difficulty
    • Mono Pro - Same as Mono but you can use 'jump' and your able to catch all 3 blocks at the same time.
    • Pointman Pro - Same as Pointman but harder.
    • Vegas - looks like Pointman but you can mix all colours to get a random effect.
    • Eraser - Same as Pointman but you can destroy all of one colour.
    • Pusher - Same as Pointman but you can push blocks left or right.
    • Double Vision Pro - Same as Double Vision but harder.
  • Elite Difficulty
    • Ninja Mono - same as Mono Pro but you can't jump but destroy greys in your field.
    • Eraser Elite - Same as Eraser but harder.
    • Pusher Elite - Same as Pusher but harder.
    • Pointman Elite - Same as Pointman but harder.
    • Double Vision Elite - Same as Double Vision but harder.

The controls are very smooth, you can play with mouse, keyboard and x360 controller. With keyboard your not as faced but more responsive, with the mouse your very fast but not as responsive and the x360 controller is abit to responsive and to fast, also you need to lay down your controller to ride in the middle not very smart really, but they did say there going to patch it.

Audiosurf looks very nice, the colours really return in to everything, your ships changes colours, there is 'fireworks' shooting around and some more crazy background stuff is happening.

Replay Value
Audiosurf is full of replay value, you can play all your songs you want and in the world that means over zillions of song/levels. You can also play with 2 players which is very much fun id say. The big Replay point in Audiosurf is the competitive highscore, you can play hours trying to beat your friends score and when you finally did, he already beat you at it.
There also a lot of achievements which are all quite hard but still fun to get.

Audiosurf is a fun game and it is something fresh. The game will never get old because you can play your own music, if your looking for a nice music visualizator or a competitive highscore game, this game is for you and for only 10 USD + 'The Official Orange Box Soundtrack' it's a complete steal, get it now.

Score: 9,5/10

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