Friday, September 5, 2008

(Xbox 360/PS3) Burnout Paradise [AUDIO ONLY]

Burnout Paradise

Release Date:
Europe - 25th January 2008
America - 22nd January 2008
Japan - 21st February 2008

burnout paradise

dj atomica - tips, trick and hints to secret locations. mostly pointless, but some good stuff in there at times

first or 3rd person perspecitive

wide open free roaming city, free updates to come including day and night and motorbikes

total of 75 cars to unlock. sponsor codes don't work on pal version

stunt, agression and speed. each car earns the boost in different ways

stunt run, race (sometimes 1vs1), marked man, takedown, time attack (rule the road) and crash mode (completely differnet to all other burnout games)

clear indication on where to go by a map and voice of dj atomica (this is a race, drive east to the wild cats baseball stadium)

burning routes unlock a new or upgraded version of that car

new cars unlocked which drive around the city and must be taken down to drive

indicates where to go during races with the street names at the top of the screen

140 events to find, 400 smashes, 120 billboards and 100 super jumps

need to win a certain ammount of races to upgrade your licence. all envents done are unlocked again.

uses the fight night round 3 crash physics and most crashes look amazing

online mode - quickly start or join in games by clicking right on the d-pad

450 online events, most are the same, but you need between 2 to 8 people

80 new events added with the cagney update and you can do more modes

makes use of the xbox live vision camera. take pictures of yourself when you take someone down and get theirs if you take them down. get them from races and other events too

picture paradise when fully stopped. goes black and white and you hear classical music

bad points

no restart option when you fail an event. you have to drive all the way back which can sometimes take quite a long time

incation on where to to turn during events can sometimes be far to quick.

unskipable crashes and lose screens

computer cars blaetently cheat. they turn up quick without breaking. they crash into cars or other vechicles which always fly exactly where you are and make you crash.

repetive if you play for too long. re-doing the same events over and over

you have rely too much on looking at the mini map or full map. no in-game indicator on where to go.

music selection is quite bad. uses ea trax, but you can select which to turn off.

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