Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cave Story Review

Cave Story is one of the well known indie free games, it's made by a one-man develement team called Pixel, the game is an "MetroidVania" game and the graphics look like an SNES game.
The game is currently only released on the PC/MAC for free an Indie PSP version and Indie DS version are in the make.

Cave Story starts out with a boy who is in an cave, as that boy you find your way out of the cave, to discover a rabbit-like race village.
After some drama where you only can put question marks behind you travel to other parts of the world via a teleporter, this sounds totality bad shit insane right? It isn't, Cave Story has maybe the best story of any NES/SNES game and totality the best story of any Indie game, you don't trust me?'ll see..

Cave Story has quite an easy 2D platformer gameplay, making jumps and so on.
But in Cave Story you have guns which you shoot and kill enemy.
If an Enemy dies he drops little yellow triangles which you can pick up to upgrade your weapon, but if you get hurt you not only lose health you also lose a bit of your weapon upgrade.
This is quite a deep weapon system, every weapon in the game has 3 levels of upgrades and with over 5 weapons in the game, the game becomes very deep.

Cave Story looks very nice and has the whole retro SNES style going on, it looks the most like Metroid.

Cave Story has quite some Replay Value there 2 different endings and a lot of secret weapons and so on.

Cave Story is the best Indie game there is and it deserves to be played and ported to every system possible.

Score: 10/10

Cave Story Tribute Site/Download
DS Port / Video
PSP Port
GP2x Port

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