Sunday, January 27, 2008

Donkey Kong Country (SNES) Review

In a word, amazing. They still hold their own today. At the time, these were unheard of, state of the art graphics for a 16-bit system. Rendered by Silicon Graphics, Nintendo stuck a fork in the Sega Genesis and called it done. It's still hard to believe the ol' SNES can handle smooth and crisp graphics like this.

Music & Sound
Excellent. Bassy, upbeat tunes resonate throughout the game. Sounds have good clarity and umph. The SNES was always known for its excellent sound processing (as the Final Fantasy series shows quite eloquently).

Smooth character controls (Diddy Kong runs faster, can jump in the air after preforming a cartwheel and jumps higher while Donkey has more power (can defeat bigger baddies and slam the ground to reveal secret items)) moves. Secret mini-stages are abundant in most levels throughout the game, so replayability is a no brainer. Boss fights are a little on the easy side, but still satisfying.

If you own a SNES or are interested in classic gaming at all, YOU MUST OWN THIS GAME.
Truly a must-have for any retro collection.

Score: 9.8/10

*Drool* Duhhh, I'm outta here.


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