Friday, January 25, 2008

The Club Demo Review

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Bizarre Creations, the maker of the Project Ghotam Racing series has joined up with SEGA to make an Arcade like Shooter: The Club.
The game is based around a shooting tournament..the targets?...humans.

The story of The Club is based around a club that organises blood sports, rich people will bet on who will survive the game and they winner gets allot of money.
There around 8 characters in the game, but the demo contains only one so that's the only one I've played but all characters are meant to all have different stats.
The story isn't all that imported though since it's only an arcade shooter.

The gameplay in The Club looks allot like Gears of War but its missing the hiding expect, or even better: it's the idea you just run and gun.
The whole idea of The Club is the combo's, everytime you kill someone your combo level will go up and will give you more points.
There also little "Skullshots" which can shoot, these are little targets you can shoot to get some extra point and get another combo point.
This makes the game very fast paced and the game gives you little time to act so be fast!
There also 6 game modes, only 2 where playable in the demo: one where you need to get as much points and the other where you need to go as fast as possible (and score points)
There also a few game difficulties which can really pump up the gameplay.

The Club looks very well, with allot of effect to make it more realistic like motion blur, this makes the running in the game look awesome.

Yes there's also Multiplayer in The Club, all modes are about the same as in normal shooters but they all have this good The Club feel to it, there is also Co-Op which really makes it arcade since you both need to earn as much points as you can.

There is alot of replayability in The Club: There is a single player mode with 6 game types 10 maps and 4 difficulties, there is multiplayer with allot of maps and mods, there is co-op, there are 8 characters all with there own stats.
And maybe the best thing about The Club is that you can set highscores and this is again a big challenge to set the highest score, which I love.

The Club is one of the only Arcade Shooter in this time, it mixes up Gears of War with Pacman and with Project Gotham Racing.
I was waiting for such an game and now it finally is here, even though I wasn't hyped for it, it blew me away with in seconds, this game will ROCK.

Score: 9/10

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FUNNYMAN said...

This game was average. A 9 is a bit high.