Friday, January 25, 2008

Pacman: Championship Edition Review

26 year after the first release of Pacman, the original maker and Microsoft join forces to make a new version of Pacman: Pacman: Championship Edition
This new Pacman is downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MSPoints (10 USD)

Pacman: CE is played just like the original Pacman, You move with your analog stick and your goal is to eat as much dots in a couple of mazes, its sounds easy but here is the hard part: there 4 ghost who are trying to kill you, you can of course get a big dot to gain the power to eat these ghosts but the power isn’t forever and the ghost will just respawn and come after you even more angered and of course it’s just to set an high highscore.
Pacman: Championship Edition also has a few new features:

Changing Levels
– The levels in Pacman: CE are split in 2 halves, if you have eaten all dots in half of the level an fruit will appear on the other half which you can eat to change the other half and refill the dots, this makes the game harder and different all the time.

Game Speed - At first the game is as slow as the normal Pacman, but after a while the game’s speed goes faster, this makes the game almost too fast and asks you to have Asian-like speeds.

Dot Points
- Normally a Dot is worth 20 points, but if you survive a long enough time eating dots becomes more worth with a maximum of 50 points a Dot.

Ghost Combos
– Eating multiple ghosts after each other will build up your combo and now it’s even possible to eat a second power pellet and build up your combo level some more till the 3200 point a ghost, this is the real point maker in Pacman: CE.

Pacman: CE has six game modes, that’s not much for 10 dollars, but the cool part of Pacman: CE is that it’s very competitive, so if you have some friend who all play Pacman: CE you can battle it on for who gets the highest highscore.

Pacman: Championship Edition is one of the best games to show off your retro-gaming skills.
Even though it doesn’t have a lot of game modes it’s still very addictive and one of my most played XBLA games.

Score: 8/10

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