Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gish Review

Gish is an independent 2D side-scroller made by Cryptic Sea and it's downloadable on Steam.
The game can also be bought for MAC and PC.

Gish is about an 12-pound ball of tar who needs to travel trow levels, not really a story..

Gish looks like an standard 2D side-scroller, but you character has 4 special power:

Sticky - You can walk on walls and other objects.

Heavy - You can become heavy to break objects or kill enemies

Slick - You become very slippery and slick, this is used to get throw a small hole

Jump - You can jump to come higher

Gish looks very nice for an Indie Game, but sometimes the game lags a bit.

Gish has offline multiplayer up to 4 player, which is very cool, I played it with a few friends and we really had a good night.

There allot of singleplayer levels in Gish and also allot of challenge levels, the multplayer also has
6 modes and all have 5 level types, so a very much Replayability.

Gish is a very cool packet and only for 10$ it's almost a steal.

Score: 8,5/10

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