Saturday, January 26, 2008

TimeShift Demo Enhanced Review

So, Timeshift. A game by Saber Interactive (?) who makes first person shooter in the future...yeah...
So Timeshift is a FPS that's in places you in the future and so far i have seen a future that has the most comparison to the book 1984 (if you don't know it: Go Read)

Time Powers
The cool thing about the game is that you can pause, rewind and fast forward the time, this can be used to just kill your enemies by stopping the time and go shoot a few shotgun shells in there face..or "steal" there weapon and run away. Or you have to use to come past a "puzzle" for example you have to go past a Seesaw but before your on the other side you cant reach the spot you want to go to, so what you do is pause the time when you can easily walk over it and get to the spot and then just walk over it and because you stopped the time the seesaw wont go down.
But sometimes the time pause doesn't work, i once rewinded the time because i saw a guy getting killed in a ingame cinematic, so i run to the shooter shoot a few bullets in his face and when the time goes on the shooter shoots the guy and then falls down in a pool of blood..
Cool idea? Its kinda overpowered in combat you can just stop the time when ever you want and grab your crossbow/sniper and shoot someone in the head without him moving one inch, even though your "Time Powers" need to recharge you can just run away and then stop time again.

In TimeShift you have (so far) 3 weapons: the Machine gun, the Shotgun and a crossbow/sniper.
The shooting is kinda ok but the most problems i have with the shooting is that you are on a train ride (like in call of duty) your allies can only die from ingame cinematics, your enemies always jump from the same spot and all the machines attack you ("ingame cinematics") can't be destroyed.
For the rest you can destroy some weak walls or boxes (who then shoot away).
So the shooting is ok if it wasn't for that overpowered "Time Shifting" which makes this game very easy..

The AI in TimeShift kinda sucks because everything is scripted just like call of duty 1 but maybe worse i just played it for the second time and everything was the same..
Not only that i go stand behind a wall and a guy standing one meter away from me (enemy) is shooting in the wall, stops and walk at me i get my shotgun and shot his head of, then two other guys (clearly seeing that there friend died) ran behind the wall and got a bullet rain at there face.

The game (so far i saw it) is set in some kind of big brother future with rebellions helping you (a stranger) killing guards of some strange big brother, all cool but at the end you get yourself teleported to the beginning and something strange happens (can't really remember) so maybe your traveling in time and will cross even more settings who knows.

There is a little bit "puzzling" in this game like: the water is under electricity and you need to stop time so you can run over it and then you wont get electrocuted. also there tricks like the Seesaw i told above under "Time Powers".

If you haven't played Call of duty... or basically any FPS this game is for you...enjoy!...
But if you know what a good FPS is please do not buy this because this game is like Call of duty in the future with time freezing powers.
Even though i like the idea and the setting it's just not worth 60 dollars, if it ever will become 20 dollar ill buy it...maybe

Score: 5/10

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