Friday, January 25, 2008

God of War: Betrayal Review

After getting my new mobile phone: a Nokia 3110 Classic + an 2 GB
I started downloading some Mobile Phone Games, the first I was very interested in was “God of War: Betrayal”.
God of War: Betrayal is a sequel to God of War II for the Playstation 2.
God of War: Betrayal is made by a Mobile Phone Studio called “Javaground” and of course Sony Entertainment has a hand in it by publishing it.

God of War: Betrayal is an direct sequel to God of War II and it is about Kratos (the god of war) being Betrayed by a god, so you have enough monsters to kill (mostly Undead).
The thing about the story is that is ends to suddenly, you don’t even find out who betrayed you and not being a GoW fan I really didn’t gave a shit about the rest of the “story”.
But Fuck it’s a Mobile Phone game and its better than no story at all.

God of War: Betrayal is a 2D Hack ‘n Slash game the controls are listed below.

One of the good things is that you can double jump (I love double jump Very Happy)
And if have killed an enemy or find a certain chest you get red orbs (for upgrades) for some special attacks or some chests you can get green orbs (for health) and there also blue orbs for health that you get you killing enemies in a certain way or out of chest (for Mana)
Also if you slash a enemy he gets weakened if he is weakened enough you can push Up (Cool if your close at the enemy and do an “quicktime event” by pushing the button that are shown above your enemy, if you do it right you can do an Fatality which will instant (most) enemies and It can give your some orbs, also you need to do a quicktime event for most of the bosses to kill them.

There 3 attack types:
Blade of Athena - Your normal attack form.
Army of Hades - An extra damaging attack.
Medusa’s Gaze - An attack that freezes people.
With the red orbs you get for killing enemies or open certain chest, you can buy upgrades for these attacks this will make them more powerful and makes it feel like an RPG game.

The Graphics in God of War: Betrayal are the most beautiful you’ll ever get out of an mobile phone (at least in Java) Also I found 2 versions of the game, one that is 128x160 and one with a bigger resolution, the bigger resolution has more text and more sprites of monster and even NPC’s. But because I have a 128x160 phone I finished the game with that version.
Also even on the bigger Res version there are not many enemy sprites (about 3) and only 2 bosses in the whole game, so that is a bit repetitive.

God of War: Betrayal has very little Replayability, the main campaign is very short, even though it is a bit hard and you can still advance your skills after you finished it.
They putted an “Arena Mode” in it to make some more Replayability but that mode is just an “beat everything you see” mode.

Even though the game is quite short and it fails at the presentation (no music, 3 enemies, 2 bosses) the game still kicksass and is one of the best mobile games out there and for sure the coolest one

Score: 7,5/10

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