Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mythos Beta Enhanced Review/Preview


Mythos is an online hack and slash MMO game by Flagship Studios (some of the former maker of the Diablo Series) and the maker of WildTangent's Fate.
Mythos is Published by the Korean Hanbitsoft, not that it really matters since it's a free downloadable game.
The game is now in closed beta and has around 850 players right now.

Mythos is played with an easy to use point-and-click system just like the Diablo Series.
Just to quickly explain: you control your character by clicking it on the ground and it will walk to the spot you clicked on, attacking is made able by the same system: just left-click on an enemy and he will attack it, casting spells goes via right-clicking.
Interacting with NPC's and getting quests is easy: just left-click on an NPC and you can get quests, Characther with an Yellow exclamation mark can give you new quest and if they have an Yellow Question mark you can complete your quest (just like in world of warcraft really).
Selling items goes just as easy just clicking on the item will sell it.
In Mythos there 3 races:
Gremlins - Little Gnomes who are mostly rude and smoke cigarettes
Humans - Just the standard humans
Satyrs - A goat-like race (my favourite)

There 3 player classes which all have there own skill threes (3) and all of the classes have there own special attack types and powers, all races can be all classes.

The 3 classes:
Bloodletters - A rogue-like class which is totally blood based and can even summon little blood monkeys
Gadgeteers - A class which uses big guns and other firing weapons
Pyromancers - The mage class which can use magic

When you accept a quest in Mythos an map location is added to your map and you can travel to the quest location. When you arrive at the map location you'll first need to battle trow a small forest area, after that you come at a clearing where you can buy/sell items.
After that you can go in the real dungeon which is a 1-5 levels dungeon where you need to complete your quest, if you got where you came for you can teleport to the city and get your reward, now here is where the cool part happens: if you lets say needed to acquire a Necromancer's Book for someone, the person who you give it to will exactly change in to a Necromancer, so you will really change the world around you!

At first Mythos had an cool looking cute graphics look, but after a few patches the graphics look allot cooler and grimmer, all the characters look cool and the weapons look nice, also if you put an enchant on a weapon the weapon even looks different: love it!

Mythos is a good package there already 2 zones and 1 zone in the make.
The level Cap currently is 60 which is high enough since the quests end at 20.
To get you playing some more there "Epic Maps" which really are little raids with a big golden chest at the end, the partying system comes in handy with this since most Epic Maps are for more then 5 players

Score: 9/10

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