Monday, January 28, 2008

Omega Five Review

Omega Five is an XBLA Side Scrolling Shoot 'em Up game by the Japanese Natsume and it's published by Hudson Soft. The game is Downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Point (10 USD)

There is no really story to Omega Five, it's just 4 guys who need to blast throw an level (mostly military bases)

The Gameplay in Omega Five is basic Side Scrolling Shoot 'Em Up gameplay, you need to shoot as much enemies as you can without getting hit yourself, there 4 characters in Omega Five,
two already unlocked at the beginning and two locked till you finish the game:

  • Ruby - an fast shooting fast turning but normal moving woman righter she has 3 attack types all of which are fast and will kill multiple enemies at the same time, she also can shoot with an little robot. (Unlocks R.A.D.)
  • Tempest - an more slower moving guy character who has 3 types of weapons: water, fire and metal sprays, he has as special power that he can fire with all his 4 arms at the same time but it's a less powerful attack. (Unlocks Sensei)
  • R.A.D. - Basically the same as Ruby but faster in movement but slower in aiming.
  • Sensei - Sensei is the alternative character he can only attack in close combat with his ninja sword and can throw knifes and such with his alternative attack, he is an old man who has most likley trained all warrior since he is called "Sensei"
All characters can also do an power blast with pink triangles that fall of dead enemies.
The big thing about Omega Five is the combos if you can kill an other enemy in the same time span as another you get the double of the points you normally get, if you keep on doning this it can end up with an 10x bonus.

Omega Five is one of the most beautiful looking XBLA games, the whole background is 3D and from the water to the snow it's all looks totality awesome.
All enemies also look very cool and with each level there more enemies introduced, the big bosses look fantastic and all are very original (even though the last one is a bumper)

Omega Five has quite some replay value, the game has 1 main arcade mode and it had 4 challenge stage modes and after you have finished the game there is an Arcade++ mode and an Challenge++ mod which both are super hard.
The game also has Co-Op play, silly it isn't online but still cool, there also 2 unlockable charachter and a few very hard achievements.

For Retro Shoot 'Em Action Omega Five is your game it has everything you need and more, maybe the price is a bit high but the graphics look cool enough to forget the price tag.

Score: 9/10

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