Monday, January 28, 2008

Sam&Max 201: Ice Station Santa Review

Sam and Max is an episodic series of PC adventure games made by TellTale Games.
The game is about a Dog called Sam and a Rabbit called Max, who are private detectives and need to save the world.
Sam and Max is also based of: a comic, a tv serie and an other adventure game.
The episode Ice Station Santa is the beginning of the second season and has a Christmas theme.

Sam and Max is a point and click adventure game, in Sam and Max your mostly given an problem and you need to find and use items to solve the puzzle. As for Ice Station Santa the puzzles are quite hard with some solutions to be to hard for an player to find out. Good for all of us they have now added a hint system were you can change how frequently Max gives you hints, this really comes in handy and is an improvement from the episodes before season 2. It also has a tutorial to explain how you need to play an point-and-click adventure game, this is quite handy for the people who don't know how to play such a game.

The humour in Sam and Max is a little weird: Sam always makes long sentences with allot of hard word, and for a Dutchman its hard to understand and Max is always being rude and has the patience of an..well rabbit.. even though there are funny parts and animations but not so funny you'll be laughing for 10 minutes strait.

In Ice Station Santa, Santa has gone mad and you need to stop him sending dangerous presents to everyone and shoot people on sight.(It isn't as bad as it sounds Razz) It is quite a good story and at least one of the better episodes because mostly it makes less sense.
Well in this new episode there 2 new character introduced: Stinky and Flint Paper.
Stinky is a girl, who ones a fast-food restauran and she is a filthy liar and things she's the best in everything and Flint Paper is a detective who you really don't need to finish any puzzle in the game maybe he will be used in episode 2 but he is for no use now.

Replay Value
Replaying an adventure game? o'rly? no there is no Replay Value at all.. only if you would want to hear some more dialogue but not even that is very fun the game is about 3 hours and for the price of 9 dollars that is quite worth it, but you really should see Sam and max as episodes of an tv serie not more.

Sam and Max: Ice station Santa is a fun game and has some great puzzle to bad it's so short.. but for 9 dollars its worth a buy (or try out the demo first)

Score: 7,5/10

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