Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Small Arms Review

Small Arms is an Versus Fighting/Shooting Game by Gastronaut Studios, the game is currently downloadable on XBLA for 400 Mircosoft Points (5 USD)
Small Arms looks very much like Super Smash Brothers.

The Gameplay in Small Arms is very similar to the gameplay in Super Smash Brother, except that in Small Arms every character has Guns instead of melee weapons.
You controll your charcther with your analog stick and you shoot with right trigger en do a special attack with left trigger, jumping goes by pressing A. You can also double jump or press Y to jump boost your jump to stay out of the end of the screen.
There 12 Characters in Small Arms, 8 are unlocked from the beginning and 4 Characters require you to play through single player.
All Characters have there own special weapon which all have 2 attack types.
There just like in Super Smash Brothers two ways to die in Small Arms: By just getting shot or smashed to death or if you fall of the screen, there is however no gravity % like in Super Smash Brothers.

The Graphics look quite good even though its not the best looking XBLA game it still looks quite cool.
Just like in Super Smash Brother the game is 2D with an 3D background.
The levels all are very different and the characters all look very nice.

There is quite some
Replayability in Small Arms but not all that much, Local Mulitplayer is the most fun, online the game also rocks, the singleplayer is quite boring though and it's sad there isn't any co-op, there also a few other singleplayer modes but not really fun, but still for an 5 Dollar game Small Arms Rocks.

Small Arms is a very fun game for local mulitplayer for the rest the game isn't worth allot, but for only 5 dollar it's a very good deal.

Score: 7,5/10

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