Friday, February 1, 2008

Crackdown Review

Crackdown is an freeplay sandbox game that is made by the former maker of Grand Theft Auto, so it naturally looks very similar.
The game is developed by Real Time Worlds and published by Microsoft.

The gameplay in Crackdown is very similar to GTA's gameplay but taken to the extreme.
Crackdown is based upon 5 abilities each which you can upgrade or can use to kill enemies or travel:

This Ability improves your running speed and jumping height it can be upgrade by getting hard to get agility orbs which are mostly on heigh places, it also can be upgrade by rooftop races.

This Ability improves how well you can aim with your weapons, it can upgrade by shooting gang member with your firearms.

This Ability improves how well you can drive your car and how much grib you have, also the cars from the agency will upgrade in cooler rides.
It can be upgraded by driving over gang member and doing street races.

This Ability improves how big your explosions are and how far you can throw a grenade.
This ability upgrades by killing enemies with grenades or rocket launchers.

This Ability improves how hard you can hit someone, which items you can pick up (Cars, Humans etc.)
This Ability will upgrade if you kill gang members with your fist or the back of your weapon.

Every level of an ability is stated as an star, there 4 stars, getting 4 stars can give you power equal to superman's.
But all of these abilities (except agility) can be downgraded by killing civilians with any of these abilities.

The Game is about an Special Agent corporation called "The Agency" this corporation trains super agent, like you, to clean the streets of "Pacific City".
Your goal is to kill 24 gang bosses who are hidden in the 3 parts of the city, there 3 gang: Los Martos, The Vault and the Shai-Gan all of these have to be thrown out of the city with there big boss defeated.
So the story isn't all that good, but Crackdown is more meant to just be an "do whatever you want game"

Crackdown looks quite nice and it has an cartoony style just like GTA.
The explosions look very nice and the firing weapons do look a bit silly but you'll just have to do it with that.
there also allot of skins for your agent, you can choose from about 10 looks for your agent, this is maybe a minor thing but it's still nice.

Replay Value
Crackdown features the normal game mode that is about 8 hours long (if you fuck around allot) there is also an race mode and an freeplay mode all of these modes also can be played in online co-op this is maybe one of the nicest thing in the game, just screwing around with a few friends (up to 4 ^^). There also some hard achievements in the game that will draw you back to the game, also recently there has be released an game pack, with some very cool weapons and rides,
not really worth the price though (10 USD)

Crackdown is one of the nicest games on the 360, it's fun to just throw a body in the air and shoot rockets in his body so he'll shoot to the moon.
Co-Op is maybe the most fun just playing around with your friends and killing each other in the funniest ways, or do races.

Score: 8,5/10

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