Saturday, January 26, 2008

TF2: CTF_Well Review

Valve has released a "new" map for one of the best Multiplayer games of 2007: Team Fortress 2.
The Map is released for free on the PC.

The design of CTF_Well is a bit wacky, since its a CP map and changed to an CTF map.
I have the most problems with the size of the map: its just to big, if you want to get a the flag you need to go throw your own camp, an big, big middle part and then the enemies base..not smart..

Even though I think the map's design is flawed, the map is still quite fun to play and has quite some replay value, there allot of secret ways and routes to get the flag to the other side.

CTF_Well is quite a cool map even though its a rehash it's better than nothing, but Ill rather wait for the new Badlands map.

Score: 7,5/10

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1 comment:

303 said...

too big.....too!!!!
Map has linear is suitable only for cp.