Saturday, February 9, 2008

Poker Smash Review

Void Star Creations came out with there like puzzle league looking puzzle game for XBLA.
The game is out on XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points (10 USD)

The gameplay in Poker Smash is quite easy, there 5 diffrent blocks ranging from 10 to Ace, your goal is to make combinations with these block, making 3 of-a-kinds straight and flushes etc.
The problem is that you can only move blocks horizontally so you need to time everything.
You also have an Bomb which you can use to blow an block up.
You can also use slowmo or make more blocks come from below.
There also a lot of game modes you can play: Action Mode, Puzzle Mod, Custom Mode and Practice Mode.

Poker Smash looks super cool, there about 10 themes to play in all of which you can unlock with the money you earned with other playthroughs you can also buy gamercards and puzzle solution videos.
All themes look fantastic, with there own background and cool music, there also a lot of fireworks implemented in the game, if you get any combination your earning will fly right to you, also if you make some special combination a voice tells you what you got and big fireworks will blow up your screen.

In Poker Smash there is off-and-Online multiplayer, Offline is just the normal game with two players only your goal is to steal as much money from your enemy.
Online is more an Poker version of the Smash Poker game, you earn the money you have set in the pot as you get the right combination.

Replay Value
With many many modes, online and offline play, unlockable themes and hard to get archievment Poker Smash will never get you bored.


Poker Smash is an nice game and something we needed for XBLA, the game looks very good, sometimes to good, but hell it's addicting and I can't get enough.

Score: 9/10

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