Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barkley: Shut Up & Jam! Gaiden Review

Tales of Games has released there Basketball themed Indie RPG game.
The game costs 0$ and can be downloaded here.

The game is set around Charles Barkley who is an ex-basketball player, basketball has become illegal and there has been a big purge of b-ballplayer, this all because are good friend Barley made an "Chaos Dunk" which destroyed whole Manhattan.
After somebody has made an second Chaos Dunk, Barkley is wanted and detective Michael Jordan tries to arrest Barkley.
The whole story is riddled with Basketball jokes and Space Jam references, most monsters and allies are made of Basketballs or are dead b-ballplayers.
The story, even insane crazy, is still very funny and has some cool twists.

The gameplay in BSU&JG is an mixture of standard JRPGs and some modern new techniques.
There is lots of walking around and talking in dialogues as in JRPGs but there also wacky things like quick time events, timed attack (you have seen in the most recent JRPGs) and so on.
The battle system is very cool, if you take Barkley and attack you can shoot a ball, but you need to time your throw so it hits, there also other button reaction attacks like this with other character, you will meet these characters in time.
There is also an full item system and curses/poisons system.

Replay Value
BSU&JG is quite an long game (not for an JRPG though) there a lot of cool dialogue and millions of easter eggs and inside jokes to be found.
The game is fun and with all the jokes it makes you keep playing the cool combat system also helps.

BSU&JG is an fun game and for the full price of Zero USD you should just check it out and see if you like it.

Score: 8.5/10

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