Monday, February 4, 2008

Undertow Review

Chair Entertainment has made the game Undertow, they also published it.
Undertow is an underwater 2D shooting game.
Undertow was released free of charge because of some connection problems with XBL, the game now again cost 800 Microsoft points (10 USD)

The story in Undertow is quite bad: you play as an pirate who gets abused by some general to do attacks and raids on an unknown enemy, this is all told via ugly cutscenes there better than nothing but thank god there skipable (start -> skip)

Undertow goes for the Geometry Wars/Smash TV gameplay, you move with one ananlog stick and auto fire with the other, the game also let's you boosts (RT) and throw grenades (LT) it also let's you boost with X.
Your main goal in most of the levels is to capture CP points, you also have an enemy and those will try to steal there and your CP points back, if you have all CP points or the enemy has no units left you win (and vice versa you lose)
With units left i mean, you have a set ammount of spawns and if one of the two sides have no spawns left they'll lose.
There 3 races which all have 4 different classes, these classes can be upgraded with the points you get from killing enemies and capturing CP points, upgrading goes by pressing Y and choosing units is done by the numpad.

The graphics in Undertow looked quite good if you asked me, rocks were blown in pieces when a rocket in shot at it, the game look very good and is the second prettiest game for XBLA.

Replay Value
Undertow has quite some replay value, the game has 15 single player levels which are quite challenging, it can be played co-op and also with 16-man online via XBL, totality awesomeness.

Undertow is an ok game, even though the story is bad the gameplay is still fun (but frustrating) and hell I got it for free.

Score: 7/10

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