Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Mario Bros. Review


Revolutionary for their time. Finally, gamers were no longer confined to static boards! They could scroll (albeit only from left to right, no backwards scrolling yet) through expansive lands filled with freaky enemies.

Music and Sound
Sounds are surprisingly clear and oomphy for a little grey box made in the 80s. Legendary soundtracks that are still remixed in today's Mario games. Some tracks have even played by the London Symphony Orchestra! Holy crap!

Perfection. Mario walks, runs and jumps with ease. The first of its kind and the standard bearer for all 2D action games to come. Boss battles are bit repetitive. Don't use the warps immediately, you'll miss out on classic, trend setting gameplay elements.

A classic that even new gamers need to play through at least once. Know your roots!

Score: 10/10

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