Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sam&Max 203: Night of the Raving Dead Review

Sam&Max is an long on going episodic series of adventure games.
Sam&Max 203 is made by TellTale games and publish by Gametap.
Every episode costs $9 episode203 also costs $9.

Sam&Max episode 203, as all Sam and Max games, is based on an Dog called Sam and an Rabbit called Max, they have a mission to save the world from everything bad that happens, there freelance police and stopped by no one.
Episode 203 is about an Zombie Invasion in the world, Sam and Max find out there is an Zombie Factory in Stuttgart, they find an prince of darkness there who the need to defeat and there is an very cool plot twist almost everyone will enjoy.

Sam&Max is an point and click adventure game, you need to pick up items and use them to open an blocked door, defeat an enemy or get another item, episode 203 feature some cool "new" adventure gameplay and it's cool having the Sam&Max team experimenting with some new gameplay elements.
The puzzles in Episode 203 are quite hard, but still logic and fun I enjoyed the puzzles allot.
If you really can't solve the puzzle there is an hint system you can set up so your partner (Max) can give you some hints, there will also be an online walktrough on TellTale's main site.

I found the humour in "Nights of the Raving Dead" quite enjoyable, there even where a few Resident Evil 4 references.

Night of the Raving Dead continuous the good Maoi Better Blues started.

Score: 8/10

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