Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bomberman Live Review

Bomberman Live is an game made by Backbone Entertainment and published by HudsonSoft.
Bomberman Live is available for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Mircosoft Points (10 USD)
Bomberman Live is based on the super popular and sequel rich Bomberman Series.

The gameplay in Bomberman Live is very easy, you walk around in an level fuelled with bricks, you need to lay bombs with A to blow up the bricks and you walk with the analog stick.
Your goal is to kill your opponents, which can be bots or human player, you can kill an enemy by laying a bomb near him and if he gets hit he will die, easy as cake.
The depth comes in with the many powerups you can get from destroying the brick.
There also allot of levels all with different special features and with different level types.

Bomberman Live looks good enough, it doesn't really need to look very pretty since it's just Bomberman, but a very cool feature is that you can unlock different suits by winning an match.
You can also combine different suits to make cool combinations.
There also a lot of maps which all look very nice.

Replay Value
Local Mulitplayer is awesome fun and very addictive, playing on your own isn't even that boring sense you can unlock new suits, Multiplayer via XBL isn't all that great though I got allot of lag or it was a glitcher.

Bomberman Live is a fun game, Local Mulitplayer has never been so fun before, if you ever go to parties this game is the party maker.

Score: 8/10

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