Saturday, February 2, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Review/Preview

After having to wait for this demo for over an week (since my XBL Gold account went off and I didn't updated it) I can now finally play Capcom's stylise beat 'em up game: Devil May Cry 4.

Devil May Cry 4 (or short: DMC4) is the fourth Devil May Cry and the game is about Nero an Demon Hunter who tries to make the world an better place.
In the other DMC's the main character always was Dante, so this is quite a change of phase, sadly enough i can't really see the difference between the two, one is an guy with white hair and red cloth with a big sword on his back, the other is an guy with white hair, red cloth, a big sword on his back and an demon arm.
In the demo there isn't allot of story shown, so that's that.

The Gameplay in DMC4 is the same as in the other DMC's: you have an sword and a gun and you need to kill demons, you can also jump and aim at enemies.
And again there is the combo meter: killing enemies in a stylise way and quick after the other you get an combo which will upgrade your points.
New in DMC4 however is the demo arm, one of Nero's arms has become demonic and with this arm he can pull enemies at him and just slash with the arm.
You can also use the demon arm as an
Grappling Hook to come from one side to another
In the Demo there 2 levels shown, in one you will use your demon arm allot as grappling hook and to pull enemies at you, in the other you will have a few boss fights which are quite awesome.

The game looks very good and has some amusing cutscenes, there is an very cool boss battle with an demon in the demo which really throws all visuals at you.

Replay Value
I guess here DMC4 gets a bit dull, there is only single player and maybe some unlockables (Dante) but in the demo it wasn't all that cool.

There is something with DMC4 that doesn't click, it has all the coolness and visuals but i just can't love it, I don't want to have to slash an enemy 5 types before he's dead, maybe it looks fucking sweet, it's not fun.

Score: 7/10

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