Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sam&Max 202: Maoi Better Blues Review

Sam and Max is and episodic PC adventure game series.
It's made by TellTalle games and Published by GameTap.
The Series is based around and dog and an rabbit called Sam&Max there freelance police and are here to save the world (or destroy it)
The game is based off another Adventure game and other content related with Sam&Max.
In Maoi Better Blues the game is about Easter Island.

Maoi Better Blues is about Sam&Max who travel to Easter Island (via an Bermuda Triangle)
In Easter Island there is an huge problem: the nearby volcano is about the erupt and destroy whole Easter Island.
Sam&Max are send out to save Easter Island and help some of the locals.
Talking about the locals, there not some voodoo tribe members, no, there famous celebrities who have been "disappeared" but really are just staying at Easter Island, but of course they where so stupid to drink from the fountain of youth and now there all babies.

Sam&Max is a point and click adventure game, This means you have to click on items to pick them up and get them out of your inventory to use it in your surrounding, this is quite an old gaming system but still does the job.
In Sam&Max the puzzles you need to solve are quite hard, even though this is the problem with most Adventure games.
But in Maoi Better Blues the puzzles are a bit easier (or: more logic) so that won't really be the problem.
if you really can't solve the puzzle there is an hint system you can set up so your partner (Max) can give you some hints, there is also an online review on TellTale's main site.

The humour in Maoi Better Blues is some what better then the other episodes, there also a few gaming related jokes that made me laugh out loud (Snake..SNAAAAAKE!)

For some reason Maoi Better Blues looks better than other episodes, well detailed and good looking textures and some cool animations, just slick and smooth.

Sam&Max Moai Better Blues is an cool game with funnier jokes and better puzzles, this is the real start of season 2.

Score: 8/10

Main Site (Demo/Walktrough)
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